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Transition to College


What to Expect in College


Below is a list of things that you can expect to experience your first year of college:


Freedom: In college you will find that you are more on your own than you were in high school.  You will have much more freedom which means you will be more accountable for your actions.  Your new sense of freedom will be both exhilarating and, at the same time, a little scary.    


Homesickness: It takes a while for students to adjust being away from home.  You can expect some homesickness but be patient; you will eventually adjust to your home away from home.


Work Load: The academic load is much heavier in college than it is in high school.  Prepare yourself for more reading, more writing, and more studying.


Class Activity:  Generally speaking your college classes will be less interactive and activity based than your high school classes.  Lecture is the standard.  Good note taking is essential.


Greater Responsibility:  You will need to be responsible for your own survival at college.  This means that you will have to be self-motivated, self-confident, and self-directed.


More Opportunities: There are all kinds of activities, opportunities, and distractions on college campuses.  It is your responsibility to pick and choose those that will add to your personal growth and satisfaction.  You must take care that you don’t let your class work suffer because of extracurricular activities.


New relationships between Teachers and Students: College professors will place more of the burden of responsibility on you to get your work done on time, attend class, and to do thorough work.   They are less likely to initiate contact or nag you to get your work done.


Tougher Tests and Tougher Grading:  You will find that the academic standards are much higher in college.  You will probably take fewer tests in college but they will be tougher, cover more material, and count more. 




College bound seniors frequently ask what they will need for dorm life. Below is a list that one college makes available for their students:

What to Bring to College

Below is one list of items you might consider for your new life in a residence hall.  You will want to be comfortable in your residence hall room, but storage space is limited… so don’t bring everything you own! Also, remember to check with your roommate over the summer to eliminate duplication, such as ending up with two TVs and no refrigerator.

Top Priority Items:

Optional Items:

Do Not Bring:

Adhesive for hanging posters


Ceiling fans

Alarm clock

VCR/DVD player

Deep fryers





Address book



Bicycle with lock


Clothes hangers

Can opener

Hot plates

Desk lamp



Extension cords

Cleaning supplies

Oil lamps


Coffee maker


Laundry bag or basket


Torch-style halogen lamps

Laundry detergent

Curtains/Curtain rods


Mattress pad

Electric fan


Mugs or cups

First-aid kit


Notepads, calendar

Iron/Small ironing board


Pens, pencils, paper

Lamp (no halogen lamps permitted)

Personal grooming items

Message board


Microwave oven (one per room)


Plastic containers for snack storage

Shower shoes

Plates and utensils

Surge protectors



Posters and photos

Toiletry caddy or bucket

Refrigerator, two cubic feet (one per room)

Tool kit

Sewing Kit

Touch-tone telephone




List provided by Atlanta Christian College Admission Office,