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College planning is a journey. Like most journeys it can be enjoyable and rewarding. But as we all know with a few wrong turns nerves can get frazzled, temperatures can rise, and egos can become brittle. To be successful, you have to put many pieces together—college expenditures must match the reality of your budget, college expectations must match your child’s eagerness to go to college, and prospective colleges must match the real needs and desires of your child.

It is important to find the right approach for you and your child. After all, when your son or daughter goes off to college you want to not only feel you made the right choice, you also want the experience to strengthen your relationship.  

Here is how College Grazing can help… 

College Grazing has dozens of college planning tools and resources.  But the feature that makes College Grazing unique is its self-discovery surveys.  Have your son or daughter work through these surveys to get important feedback about their college thinking.  Then, use the results to launch serious parent/child discussions about college and your child’s future.  To get started, read College Grazing's... 


Study Skills for College  Learn how to study better for college:


College Planning Books for Parents

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