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Questions Concerning Online Learning

Online learning is growing rapidly.  According to researchers online student populations are increasing at a rate of 30% a year.  Indeed, most colleges and universities have now entered the online learning market.  But before you enroll, take our survey entitled “Is Online Learning Right for You?”  and then review the information provided below.

Five Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Online Learning

Is online learning effective and will I obtain the knowledge that I need?

A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education concluded that post-secondary students who took all or part of their class online performed as well or even better than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction.

Is online learning right for everyone?

Since online learning is dependent on technology students must have easy access to the Internet, video capabilities, and e-mail.  Also, students who performed best in online courses were self-disciplined, self-motivated, and good at scheduling their time.  If you have trouble with any of the above, you may to reconsider online enrollment.

What advantages do online courses offer me as a student?

Perhaps the two most significant advantages are convenience and flexibility.  Online learning is done at home so traveling back and forth to school is eliminated.  Also, since you can access your online course at any time, it gives you great flexibility to adjust your study to your busy schedule.

Will online learning fit my learning needs?

Students frequently report that online learning allows them to participate in a way that fits their learning style.  For example, students like the idea that they can think longer about their responses and respond as they see fit.  In a traditional classroom setting, there is a set learning flow that may or may not fit an individual student.  Other students like the fact that they can access their course when they are at their best and study as long as they can stay on task productively.  With online learning everyone is equal so no student can dominate class time or derail the instructor.  Moreover, for many students online learning is much less intimidating than the competitive nature of classrooms.

Will I have quality instructors online?

Since technology doesn’t restrict online schools to have instructors on any one location, they can select excellent instructors from anywhere.  Moreover, through technology students can talk directly to their instructors, seek their help, and discuss learning issues with them.

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