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Self Awareness and College Planning

Self-Awareness and the College Planning Process

Researchers D. Hossler and K. Gallagher write that college bound students generally begin their college selection journey with a loosely woven “college choice set”— a group of college attitudes and attributes that are personally important to them.  However, it is significant to note that the influences that shape this choice set may or may not be thoughtful or realistic. Too often college planning is muddled by impractical expectations, external pressures, or surface thinking.

To find a college choice set that is thoughtfully and realistically linked to one’s individual preferences requires that students begin their college planning by taking a good hard look at themselves.  A little self-awareness pays big dividends when it comes time to making a final college selection. 

Here is a question for students, parents, and high school counselors:  What sorts of things can and should be done to make student self-awareness a vital part of the college planning process?