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Market With Us

Sponsors and Media Partners will find that the target audience is...

• College Bound Students in grades nine through twelve. One important benefit of College Grazing is the fact that the Self Discovery Surveys are very helpful to ninth and tenth graders who are just starting to gather
• Parents of College Bound Students
• Educators – particularly counselors, administrators, and advisors who help students work their way through the challenges of the college search process. English teachers may find that the comprehensive personal essay writing guide is perfect for “in-class” writing lessons.

Connecting with College Grazing’s Audience is built on the premise that Web visitors respond positively to interactive tools that deliver personalized and customized content. Students visit non-academic college sites to gain something helpful and tangible for their college search. The college awareness tools at engage students and in the process connects them with sponsor brands and/or products. It is particularly powerful for colleges and universities to have their brand information readily visible as students gain college insights. By sponsoring with College Grazing your organization’s name is front and center as students interactively shape their predisposition for college selection.

For advertising, sponsorships and/or product opportunities contact:

Tom Siebold