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As you write your first draft, you should constantly be asking yourself some fundamental questions about its content. Questions like those listed below reflect the king of constant concerns that are weighed heavily by admissions readers. Now is the time to deal with them; once your application is mailed it is too late.

  • Is my essay interesting?  
  • Does my essay fulfill the requirements of the application? Am I answering what they have asked?
  • Does the essay reflect me in a positive light? Will it help put me in a position for acceptance?
  • Is the tone of my essay appropriate? Do I sound like I am complaining, making excuses, or sounding pompous?
  • Does the essay say something about me that is not covered in the other parts of the application?
  • Have I used details rather than broad generalizations?
  • What impression does my essay create?
  • Is my essay honest and sincere?
  • Is my essay boring? Is it forgettable? Will readers pay attention to it?
  • Have I expressed myself in the best possible manner?