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Essay Guide

Introduction to the Essay Writing Guide

Frequently the college application essay or personal essay causes applicants a great deal of anxiety. Instead of thinking of the essay as some kind of big hurdle to get over, think of it as the one place on the application form where you can really express yourself and allow the admissions officers to get a glimpse of who you really are.

College Grazing’s writing guide will help you navigate the essay process. The guide is divided into four basic parts, each part is sub-divided into easy-to-following sections (Use the sub-menu bar above for easy naviagtion). Believe it or not, writing a meaningful personal college application essay can be a rewarding experience.


Audience: Essay Purpose, Essay Readers, Importance

Subject Matter: Brainstorming, Topics, Thesis

Essay Structure: Outlining, Essay Opening, Essay Closing

Style: Tone, Style Tips, Proofreading




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