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The question for educators is this: How do we as school professionals help our students pursue colleges in a thoughtful and meaningful way?  As you know, too many students choose a higher education path based on unrealistic expectations, confusion, and/or a lack of thoughtful self-understanding.

Here is how College Grazing can help...

At the core of College Grazing are our self-discovery surveys--our "munchings."  They are designed to help students gain valuable feedback about their college interests.  Indeed, the more self-awareness a student has, the more likely he or she will make a better college decision.  At a time when students are weighing their options, accepting or rejecting college influences and opinions, and generally pondering their future; the survey feedback provides a foundation for realistic college thinking.  The self-discovery surveys are perfect for group or individual college guidance.

College Guidance Activities: Counselors may find our guidance activities a good way to add variety to college counseling and group guidance

How to Use College Grazing: Some ideas about incorporating College Grazing into your college guidance program

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