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Why College?

College is expensive, difficult, and sometimes stressful—so why go?  The payoff is worth the effort.  College is a doorway to your future that has many benefits.  Below are two lists of reasons to go to college: The first identifies some of the more well known benefits and the second identifies benefits that aren’t touted as often. 


1.  Studies show that, on average, college graduates have the following advantages over those who only have a high school diploma:

  • You will earn more money  

  • You have more job opportunities  

  • You have better access to health care benefits

  • You will have greater job mobility

  • You will have a safer job

  • You have more vacation time

  • You will have a broader knowledge base

  • You will be more adept at written and oral communication

  • You will comprehend abstract concepts better

  • You will engage in more leisure activities

  • You will more likely be involved in your community


2.  In response to the question “Why go to College?” recent college graduates gave some responses that are less frequently heard:

  • A college degree is an indicator of your ability to stick with something hard and be successful

  • College gives you tools to solve problems and reason your way through tricky issues

  • College gives you an opportunity to meet and socialize with a diverse group of people

  • College will give you a greater appreciation for our culture

  • College is a place to learn to appreciate the arts and beauty

  • College increases your sense of independence

  • College nurtures a love of learning

  • College will stimulate your imagination and your curiosity

  • College encourages life-long learning

  • If knowledge is power, then college helps you become more influential

  • College is an opportunity to try out a wide range of subjects and activities

  • College is a place to meet people with similar interests

  • Although college can be difficult, it is also a lot of fun

  • College sharpens your logic and your ability to work through problems successfully

  • College requires you to work with and connect with people

  • College is a great place to mature

  • College gives you a greater understanding of our national history and development

  • Success at college boosts your self confidence

  • College is a place to achieve something challenging.  This is very satisfying.

  • College is a place to “find yourself.”