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Discussion Questions

Thinking about College

As you think about going to college, it is important to talk things over with your friends, your family, your teachers, etc. Below you will find a variety of discussion questions that might help you focus your college conversations.

  • Are you eager to go to college? In other words are you enthusiastic and committed about college success?
  • Are you a dedicated student? Do you feel you have the learning habits, motivation, and skills to be successful in college?
  • What is your ideal school? What characteristics, offerings, and/or special learning options are an absolute must? List three to seven “essentials” that any school you select must have.
  • What strengths do you have that you feel will help you be successful in college?


Questions for Grades Nine and Ten

  • Why is it important to think seriously about college now?
  • How are colleges different?
  • How is college selection a “discovery” process?
  • What do we mean when we say a college must be a good fit?
  • Who should be involved as you go through the college selection process?
  • Why is college a personal choice?
  •  Why is it important to think about your own strengths as a student before you select a college?
  • Why is it important to get your family involved in the college selection process?


Questions for Grades Eleven and Twelve

  • Discuss the importance of “knowing yourself” as a vital part of the college selection process.
  • Explain what people might mean when they talk about a “selective” school.
  • Explain what people might mean when they talk about a school’s academic environment.
  • Explain why college is more than just attending classes.
  • As a small group, can you agree on what it means to find a school that is a “good fit”?
  • Why is it important to have college goals?
  • Identify the influences that shape a student’s decision to go to a particular school or particular type of school?
  • Write three college questions that you feel you should discuss with your parents