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Informal Twitter Poll: What was your biggest concern when leaving home for college?

In an informal poll of College Grazing’s Twitter followers, we asked the question—what was your biggest worry or concern when you first left for college? Below are the ten most frequently cited responses.  It is interesting to note that most of the responders also added that their fears were unfounded.

  1. I was worried about leaving my high school friends.
  2. I was afraid that I might not meet good friends in college.
  3. I was concerned about leaving my high school sweet heart.  Thank goodness that did happen!
  4. I was petrified about having a dorm roommate- I had never shared a room before!
  5. I wasn’t sure I could handle the workload in college.
  6. I was afraid of having too much stress in college.
  7. I wasn’t sure that I would fit in.
  8. I was afraid of failure.
  9. I was worried that I would feel homesick.
  10. The whole thing seemed overwhelming and scary.