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10 Great Apps For College Students

Below are ten helpful apps for busy college students

1. Evernote
This app simplifies class note-taking by syncing to all your devices. You can take notes, record audio files and even take pictures, and the app makes them easily accessible through a cloud network.

2. Share Your Board
This app is designed to adjust a picture of a whiteboard for maximum clarity. So, if you miss a few notes or simply don't take notes one day, Share Your Board can take a snapshot of the day's notes.

Extracurricular Activities and College Admissions

We recently received the following question at College Grazing--

Using College Grazing in Your College Guidance Program

Below are three suggested ways to use College Grazing’s self-discovery surveys in your high school college guidance program.  Each was submitted by a high school counselor.  

Informal Twitter Poll: What was your biggest concern when leaving home for college?

In an informal poll of College Grazing’s Twitter followers, we asked the question—what was your biggest worry or concern when you first left for college?

Essay Readers

I am currently writing my application essays.  It is very difficult.  One thing that makes it so hard is I really don't know who will be reading it.  I know that it goes to the college admission office, but what happens then?  I get the feeling that there is a set of dangerous looking people there who are just waiting to criticize what I have written.  Has anyone ever seen how these "secret" admission committees really work?

Time Management

As a parent who is trying to help my daughter find a suitable college, I found that her biggest stumbling block is time management.  It seems that all the details that came at her from different directions put her on overload, and she shut down.  I think my husband and I helped when we sat down with her and built a simple master schedule.

Self Awareness and College Planning

Self-Awareness and the College Planning Process

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